Our Company

We are a leading Chilean company in South America in the manufacture of chemical products for the national and international agricultural industry. We currently reach customers all over the world, since two thirds of our sales correspond to exports made to the five continents. Our projection is to be recognized as a global and diversified company, which uses technology to deliver high quality products to its customers. For more than 65 years we have developed inorganic compounds based on copper, sulfur, molybdenum, magnesium and aluminum for the agricultural and industrial sector. This experience has allowed us to have the necessary know-how for the creation of specialized products, according to the needs of the various industries we supply. Our production and sales volumes have increased in recent years, which has allowed us to collaborate with large multinational companies and to open new development markets for our products. In the last time we have completed important projects, building safer and more efficient plants and innovating in our processes and operations. We are a modern and reliable company with a solid patrimonial support recognized by our suppliers, customers and collaborators. With a look towards the future, today we face a new stage: the diversification of our business and geographical expansion. With the consolidation of strategic alliances, we intend to generate new business opportunities, accessing specific markets in more favorable conditions.
Thanks to our long history, responsibility in our deliveries and the proven quality of our products, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner worldwide. We are a solid company integrated to the region and fully identified with Chile and its development.


Develop and provide comprehensive solutions for the agricultural, viticulture, pulp and mining industries, with high added value that constitute a competitive advantage and contribute to the success of our clients' business in the long term. Generate a fair return on the capital invested for our shareholders through efficient and responsible management of the resources entrusted to us. Define and implement compensation, training and career development policies for the personal and professional growth of our employees. Act responsibly with the community and the environment in the development of our businesses.



To be the leading and most prestigious phytosanitary and fertilizer company for the agricultural industry and specialized products for viticulture, pulp and mining in the industry, preferred by our customers for the quality of our products, services and capacity for innovation, committed to with a good work environment and respectful of the community and the environment.


In line with our corporate purpose, we are committed to the quality of our products, the protection of the environment and the occupational health and safety of our workers. Our goal is to maintain safe operations for our employees, ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations. We constantly train workers in the concept of self-protection and care for the environment and systematically review the effectiveness of our Integrated Management and Responsible Care Systems. We have the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001, in addition to the certification given by the Chilean Association of Industrial Chemicals, ASIQUIM A.G. of Responsible Conduct, which seeks the continuous improvement in the management of industrial safety, occupational health and environmental protection, oriented both to the internal work of the productive facilities and to the community.