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We are currently present not only in the agricultural market but also in the industrial sector, both in Chile and abroad. We offer a series of products destined to diverse industrial sectors and to the alimentary sector. Today our challenge is to continue developing this market, for which we seek to add new customers and give complementary uses to the products we manufacture today.

Sulfur 97,3% DP

High purity product (99,5%) used for direct soil application, as slow release sulfur source. Its fine particles allow and efficient distribution on soil, increasing sulfur concentration evenly, and decreasing pH level. It is also commercialized as elemental sulfur with different meshes for industrial uses.

Sodium Bisulfite Solution

Described as a slightly yellow crystalline solution, this compound is used for water treatment and in the cyanide neutralization process. In addition, in the pulp and paper industry is applied to obtain a chemical pulp.

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

Also known as Sulfurous Anhydride, SO2 is an inorganic reagent that presents as a highly irritating, asphyxiating and corrosive gas in humid environments. Its chemical and physical properties allow its use in various applications and industries, such as cellulose and paper, where it is used to reduce chlorine residues in the cellulose production process. In addition, it is useful for the treatment of wastewater, the production of clays and the generation of electrical energy, is also applied in the oil, mining, textile and chemical industries, among others.

Aluminum Sulfate

Colorless crystalline solution used in the treatment of water that is derived from the production process in cellulose plants, as flocculant in the treatment of sanitary water and as a sticker in the paper industry.

Azufre Laminado Sulfur 98,5% min