We are a reference in the South American agricultural industry
Since our creation, we have developed a complete line of fungicides that meet the requirements of the national and international agricultural industry. Today we are a privileged partner of the main chemical companies worldwide, exporting our products to more than 30 countries of the five continents. Our products are friendly to the environment, have a very low content of heavy metals and have registration for Organic Certification, which guarantees the safety of the treated foods and the protection of the environment. Added to this is the high quality of the raw materials with which they are made, which allows us to be the best alternative in the market for the care of their crops. Important investments in modernizing our processes, allow us versatility in the delivery formats, being able to pack from cases of 50grs to big bags of 1,050 kilos, depending on the needs of our customers. Quimetal also can formulate this products: Technical Copper Hydroxide, Copper Hydroxide 30% WG, Copper Hydroxide 35% FLO, Copper Hydroxide 37,5% WG, Technical Copper Oxychloride and Copper Oxychloride 35% WG.

Azufre Landia 350 Sulfur 93% DP

Composed of high purity sulfur, this fungicide is recommended for the preventive control of powdery mildew - disease caused by a fungus in vinyards and vines. As it is formulated by a fine powder, it can be distributed and adhered effectively on the applied surface.

Azufre Landia Aéreo Sulfur 93% DP Aerial

With the same applications as the previous one, this compound incorporates precision dispersants that improve its flow, making it an ideal product for aerial applications and to improve performance in conventional applicators.

Acoidal Flo Sulfur 72% FLO

Among the products indicated for the preventive control of powdery mildew in vines, fruit, vegetables and ornamentals is this fungicide formulated as a concentrated suspension. Being a liquid compound is easy dosage. In addition, it has a high concentration of sulfur particles, which allows to minimize the doses of application, achieving a greater surface of contact and great adhesion.

Thiolux WG Sulfur 80% WG

Its function is also the management of diseases caused by powdery mildew in fruit trees, vinyards and vines. Among its qualities are its microparticles and its formulation with wetting agents, which gives it an excellent suspension, increasing the homogenization of the product during its application. This allows a better distribution of the active ingredient on the vegetal surface and a great effectiveness in the preventive control.

Azufre Ventilado MonteUrkabe Sulfur 97,3% DP

This agricultural contact and preventive action fungicide is indicated for the preventive control in fruit trees, vines, vegetables and some ornamental species.

Azufre Abono Orgánico Sulfur 98,5% min

It is a product of high purity that can be applied directly to the soil and is composed of fine particles, allowing better distribution in the soil, increasing the sulfur concentration evenly and decreasing the pH level. It is also marketed as elemental sulfur for industrial use.

Azufre Laminado Sulfur 98,5% min

Another product that stands out for its high purity. It is used to generate sulfur dioxide by burning it for fruit dehydration and other processes.

Dióxido de Azufre (SO2) Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

This inorganic reagent, whose molecular formula is SO2, is used for the control of pathogenic botrytis - fungus of many plant species, although its most important host plant is the vine -, in gasification chambers in export table grapes, And also to stop the process of fermentation in winemaking. It stands out for its purity and for not having additional complements.