We have established ethics and legality as the central pillar of our activities. We seek success in all our projects, but we consider empty any achievement that is achieved at the expense of the transgression of ethical principles or human conduct.

This policy, which is part of our strategic approach, not only seeks compliance with the regulations and requirements applicable to our activity, but also adherence to the principles of personal ethics and business in any relationship involving our company, their activities and their reputation. Therefore, the knowledge about this policy is vital so that our partners, shareholders, directors and external service providers apply it both in the workplace and in their personal relationships. We are looking for people committed to this way of thinking and acting. The following is a summary of the most relevant collective policies and principles that should govern the behavior and actions of our collaborators in Chile and the world.


*CPM: Crime Prevention Model (Law 20.393 y 21.121)
*MOAS: Organization, Administration and Supervision Manual

Given the importance of this issue for Quimetal Industrial SA, it is that we make available to those who deserve it, a communication channel that allows complaints about ethics and conduct in business, and violation of laws or regulations that apply to our deal. Breaches or possible violations of the policy may be reported by telephone, in person or in writing to the Responsible Official.

1.- If done in writing, it should be delivered by hand or sent by mail to:

Messrs. Funcionarios Responsables
Quimetal Industrial S.A., or
Los Yacimientos 1301, Maipú
Santiago, Chile

2.- If over the phone, dial (562) 2381 7019

3.- If by e-mail, write to The report shall include a sufficiently detailed description of the facts or objective base for the suspicion in order to allow an appropriate investigation to be initiated.