Today the chemical industry is an important industrial sector present in most countries, which boosts economic growth, generates thousands of jobs, offers diversity of products and incorporates the concept of sustainability, whose main objective is to prevent the generation of emissions and Harmonize processes with natural resources.

In Chile, this sector has experienced sustained growth in recent years. The evolution of exports has been positive since 2005, according to figures from the Association of Chemical Industries of Chile, ASIQUIM. Our country has been characterized by having sustained rates of economic growth and a market open to the world, because it has adhered to a series of free trade agreements (FTAs) with countries both in Latin America and the rest of the world, highlighting among them those signed with the main economies: United States, China and the European Union. To date, a large number of commercial agreements have been signed with more than 50 countries. In this auspicious scenario, our company is favored to easily access raw materials and have a broad platform to publicize and market their products abroad. Currently, we compete with increasingly large and developed countries, which puts our ability to innovate and adapt to new technologies to the test. Our challenge for the coming decades is to grow and continue to be effective in the market. The modernization of our equipment and infrastructure, as well as research, development and innovation activities are crucial in this process, but also the application of sustainability as the driving force of our business.